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We have a state of the art Growler Bar from Canadian Growler.

Our unique Craft Beer filling station features the Pegas bottling system which ensures your favorite beer or cider will remain fresh for several weeks if kept refrigerated.

If you are a beer lover you will love our selection of craft beer, which changes frequently as kegs are emptied. Learn more about our Growler Bar here:

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Custom Orders - Single Items

Can't find that special product you like in our store?

tape glass5The Beer Shak liquor store features a large assortment of wines, (both domestic and import), beers, craft beers, spirits, ciders, coolers and specialty gift-wares for every budget, however, we may not have the brand or item you would like.

Please let us know so we can provide Custom Order for your "hard to find" items. Come in and shop in our warm, inviting Boutique style setting. Find out for yourself why every one in town is talking about The Beer Shak.

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